Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Why ASA?

A. Because we believe that it’s imperative for straight allies to stand up and join with the LGBTQ population to secure equal rights. It is widely held that this cannot be accomplished without mobilizing and involving the straight community.

Q.  Who founded ASA and when was it founded?

A.   ASA was founded by psychotherapist and author, Judith Snow.  In June of  2009 it began as a public page on facebook and currently has a fan base
      over 1,000.

Q. What does ASA do?

A. ASA’s initial goal is to build a huge membership. There are countless allies out there that really do support the LGBT community.In time, ASA will secure a network of professionals who will offer education and training on heterosexual privilege and the disparity in equal rights between the straight and gay communities including marriage, health care, workplace, family/parenting, and hate crimes. We will also make available on-line resources in terms of professional literature and books, and important groups and organizations.

Q. Can I make a financial donation to ASA?

A. No, but thank you. At the present time ASA is not an official non-profit organization. Your on-line membership is a huge show of support!